Nathan lives in Chicago where he continues to work extensively as an actor. His captivating, often incendiary characters have touched audiences for several years. Always striving to create honest and unique portraits of humanity, he continues to fearlessly display his wit, charm, and passion.

Upcoming Appearances

The Machine Stops

adapted by Eric Coble from the story by E.M. Forster
March 19, 2018 at 7:30

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For every bit that this play is a tribute to and a celebration of nerdiness, obsession, imagination, and Tatooine, I love it. I laugh at it, and I laugh at myself, and wonder at how amazing it is that theater can get you to take yourself less seriously.
…I got totally swept up in it when they talk about the plan, mapping out in meticulous detail who does what, with floor plans, fake IDs, and contingencies. Of course, they get it all wrong, and we don’t believe for one second that it’s going to work, but that’s why it’s fun to watch. What makes this aspect of the play successful is how fully the actors embraced their dorkiness. The characters are completely unbelievable at times, and brutal to each other, but the actors have so much fun that I can’t help but love them.
— Hank Brunhoff, Splash Magazine

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